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About Us

Christine Fashion is a Bulgarian fashion brand providing limited editions of design clothing pieces for women as well as jewellery and accessories.

The young designer and brand owner Christine Zhelyazkova, took her first steps in the fashion world with handmade boutique jewellery, mostly earrings made with natural materials such as stones, crystals, leather, suede and more.

Her creative ambition was to bring the magic of these original jewellery pieces into the world of fabrics and clothing. And this is the way in 2015 “Christine fashion” was born. To this day, the original and beautiful hand-made clothing details are a distinctive signature of the brand. They uplift every outfit and make it unique and unforgettable.

Who wouldn’t want to shine in an impressive garment at every occasion? It doesn’t matter if just walking on the streets, or on the beach or at a high-class gala dinner.

The limited series swim suits varnished with Swarovski crystals and hand decorated knobs are the perfect idea for the incoming summer.

Our goal is every woman to feel authentic and unique. To achieve this, our team pays attention to the very last detail: from the precise cut, Italian fabrics, high quality craft work all the way to the beautiful packaging.

Our clothes are designed for the modern and stylish women of any age, who would like to distinguish themselves with elegance and originality.

We offer casual dresses as well as dresses for formal occasions and proms with the possibility of matching handmade boutique accessories.

It is of utmost importance for us that our clients feel special and this is why we strive for correctness and kindness in our customer support.

Unadulterated luxury, sophistication, elegance, style, quality, and fine detail!